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Can I have a Credit card without charges?​

Is it really possible to have a Free Credit Card??

One word answer- YES


Now you can have a credit card without any annual and joining charges.

Earlier when I had a credit card, I wasn’t very happy with all the extra charges that I had to pay every year, but now there is a solution to this: – HDFC bank is offering credit cards with lifetime free facility.

In other words I really don’t have to pay any annual or joining charges.

It does not mean that while purchasing anything via credit card I don’t have to pay for it as the bank can still charge me for late fees. 


HDFC bank is offering lifetime free card offer valid only up to 31st December 2020.

Still have a doubt of which card you should opt for, among so many cards offered by the bank?


Answer– Just visit Shubham Communication, we guide you about which card is best for you along with which you can apply for card easily through them as we are licensed with all major banks.

But now what are the added benefits of having a credit card?


·      If you frequently shop online then you should have a credit card for offers and discount in your purchase.

·      Again for people with a car or a 2 wheeler they will be getting discounts on petrol and diesel (and lets be honest the fuel is getting very costly).

For all these kinds of extra benefits just visit Shubham Communication as not only we help you to choose the right card for you but will also help you with all the added benefits of having a credit card.

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