Mobile friendly application

Android based Dialer

Personalised People friendly application, white labelling available and easy to keep a track on call recordings. 



Mobile friendly

Android based dialer application specially designed for work at home model. It won't consume much space in your phone and RAM consumption is also less.

Call recording and analysis

You can get call recordings of every call done through the App, this helps you to analyse and improve your call quality also.

Data upload and tracking

You can easily upload your data or can contact us to provide data(T&C applied).Easy to track the number of calls done by your team.

White Labelling

You can have your own company logo on the Application and your customized Url.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will it record my personal calls also?

    No, it will only record calls that are done through the app dialer.

    i dont have an updated phone so will it support?

    Yes you can download it in any Android mobile phone.

    Will i be charged under any copyright issue if i change the logo?

    If you are interested in White labelling then its a One time cost that you need to pay.

    How will I operate this app?

    Our team will  guide you about all the features of this App